-Stone Fangs-

This was the colour scheme for my wolves and I got one model done in it, but after a week I kinda found myself not liking the colour scheme as a choice for my main army as it didn’t really feel like a colour scheme from me…. Which is technically corect since the dark red joints and white armour was taken from a model I saw for sale on ebay, just instead of being plain like that I threw in a few extra touches.

-Kinghts of Morkai-

(This is the paint scheme for my current Space Wolves.)

The dark grey army wasn’t entirely intended as a homage to Pre-Heresy wolves, it was just because I like the colour for wolves and it went really well with the other colours at use here. The legs are meant to be done in Chainmail, but the metal paints are hard to show off on these things. The red armour joints is inspired from a light grey model I saw on eBay that did this. It looked so cool to me so I decided to use it in my army. The bone for the aquila/wolf heads and shoulder I feel more suits the theme of the army than gold, since they are the knights of the Death Wolf “Morkai”. The black helmet and piercing red eyes are meant as a homage to their wolf god.

(I’m hoping to have the first model fully finished and ready for a photo tomorrow!)



The Towers of KEILAH by FerdinandLadera

Happy Jellyfish Friends.

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Sentinel by Anton Kuhtickiy


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